Iran ups Gas production in South Pars phases 4, 5

A view of Iran’s South Pars Gas and Oil Field

TEHRAN (FNA)- Managing-Director of Pars Oil and Gas Company Mohammad Reza Zahiri hailed Iranian experts for their unsparing efforts which have resulted in increased gas production as much as 35 million cubic feet (mcf) in South Pars phases 4 and 5.

Zahiri said that gas production capacity of phases 4 and 5 of South Pars gas field has risen by 35mcf, adding that the extra gas output has been yielded by acidification of the 4th well of South Pars phase four.

He added that the acidification project started in March and is now complete.

He added that the 35mcf increase in gas output will be stored for the winter demand.

Earlier this month, Zahiri said final preparations are underway for Phase 12 of the massive offshore South Pars gas field to produce natural gas.

“In continuation of pre-commissioning and commissioning steps for the biggest gas project in South Pars, the pre-start test review has begun in the offshore facilities of Phase 12,” Zahiri said.

He added that the equipment on Platform A of Phase 12 as well as the flow of gas in a 150-kilometer subsea pipeline is being tested.

“Based on coordination with Iranian Gas Transmission Company, a specified volume of sweetened and refined gas will be delivered for final test of safety systems and offshore facilities and equipment from Phase 12,” the official stated.

Zahiri noted that the flare of one of the platforms in Phase 12 of the field, which Iran shares with Qatar, will be lit in ten days.

He said extraction and production of 500mcf of sour gas from the wells of this phase will start to feed the fist train of onshore refineries in Assaluyeyh Port.

“The volume will gradually double,” he added.

Zahiri said the gas produced from this phase will be pumped into a trans-national pipeline for domestic consumption in winter.

Phase 12 of the South Pars is being developed for the final production of 84 million cubic meters (mcm) of sour gas from the massive offshore gas field. It is being developed by Iran’s Petropars Company.

It is the first refinery project whose offshore installations have been erected by Iranian engineers.

By Fars News Agency


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