Bahraini opposition leader: UK backs suppressive al-Khalifa regime

A Bahraini opposition group says the British government has a negative attitude to the revolution in the Persian Gulf state and rather supports the suppressive al-Khalifa regime in the country.

Bahrain National Democratic Society’s Secretary General Fazel Abbas told Al-Alam news channel that London’s position is clear from comments by the British ambassador to Bahrain and the change in the al-Khalifa approach to protesters after the Bahraini ruler’s meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron “raise questions about Britain’s role in Bahrain”.

“We are extremely displeased with the British government’s stance,” Abbas added.

Last week, Cameron hosted talks with Bahraini ruler King Hamad al-Khalifa in London but no details of the meeting were made public except a brief statement by the British PM’s office.

“Cameron reiterated Britain’s support for ongoing political reform in Bahrain. The Prime Minister also encouraged His Majesty to continue to demonstrate substantive progress in all areas,” the statement said.

Ahead of his visit to London, the Bahraini dictator amended a law on public gatherings to “ban organizing protests, rallies, gatherings or sit-ins in Manama, with the exception of sit-ins outside (offices of) international organizations”.

Ahead of Hamad’s visit on Tuesday, human rights group Amnesty International warned Cameron that Bahrain is displaying “a façade of supposed reform” though the reality is that “critics and dissenting voices are just locked up and silenced”.

Fazel said the Bahraini opposition groups will surely continue peaceful protests, especially the Tamarod demonstration planned for August 14, despite the regime being fully geared up to suppress public rallies in the coming days.

By Press TV


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