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Iran’s ties to Hezbollah unchanged: article

TEHRAN – A change in the presidency in Iran will not lead to a change in its strong support for Hezbollah, according to an article published on Al-Monitor’s website on Saturday.

Following are excerpts of the text of the article written by Ali Hashem, who is an Arab journalist serving as Al Mayadeen news network’s chief correspondent.

Although there are expectations of a more moderate approach to foreign affairs under Iranian President Hassan Rohani, Iran’s relations with Hezbollah will remain the same.

“Whoever the president is, whoever the ministers are, Hezbollah will still be the same Hezbollah to Iran,” said an official in Tehran on condition of anonymity.

The source, an official who has visited Lebanon on several occasions, believes that those who think Iran will change its view and ties with Hezbollah because of presidential change are “either naive or daydreamers — Hezbollah to Iran isn’t a card to play with.” The source added, “Hezbollah today is the crown jewel of the resistance bloc; presidential moderation doesn’t mean giving up the nation’s strengths.”

According to the source, “Hezbollah is defending the resistance bloc against Israel and the takfiris (radicals) — this means there should be more support for it.” The source added that Iran’s “main enemy in the region is Israel, and Hezbollah defeated Israel in 2006, and is capable of defeating it once again if a war sparked.”

As for the new government, there are no signs that it has any members who oppose Iran’s support for Hezbollah.

Rohani, responding to a message of felicitation from Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah on his victory in Iran’s June 14 presidential election, said: “No doubt, your tireless and dedicated efforts and those of Hezbollah warriors on the scene of resistance promise the decisive victory of the resistant Lebanese and Palestinian nations which has always been supported by the Islamic Republic, over the Zionist regime.”

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