Iran builds nanoconcrete with high resistance

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian researchers at Sharif University have designed and built a new type of concrete with high resistance, using nanotechnology, in a bid to retrofit the concrete.

“The new concrete with high degree of resistance is designed by nanoparticles and fibers. Its compressive strength is twice more stronger than usual concretes,” said Alireza Naji-Givi, postdoctoral nanotechnology student at Sharif University and lead author of the project.

This type of concrete with high resistance can be used in heavy structures, such as building dam, atomic energy stations, urban projects, flooring for landing runway, highways as well as sites which need resistance and high strength against harsh impacts.

The SiO2, TiO2 and Fe203 nanostructures have been used in strengthening the concrete, the best of which is SiO2.

Less weight, high lifespan, high resistance, efficiency and low price are some advantages of the newly-developed concrete comparing to usual concretes.



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