Iranian gov’t seeks to continue paying subsidies to people

Iran’s new government will continue to try to pay the subsidies to the people, President Hassan Rouhani told journalists.

Rouhani underscored that definitely the economic issues are among the priorities of the new government, noting the reasons being the people who are facing problems and the demands.

“Government has an economic team that has held discussions on these topics, and major economic issues were raised, and discussed,” Rouhani said. “There is a plan prepared for the next four years, however this plan would become operational on one-year budget packages. The government has this question of subsidies that have been paying to people. Some other measures regarding this will be taken as well.”

Rouhani previously said that he will work towards the removal of western sanctions, adding that his government will adopt moderate policies and actions.
On 14 June 2013, Hassan Rouhani won the presidential elections in Iran, gathering over 50 percent of total votes.

By Azer News


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