Iran strengthens borders against drug trafficking

File photo shows Iranian border guards on the Iran-Afghanistan border

Tehran, Aug 7 (Prensa Latina) The strengthening of anti-drug units at borders has been decisive in the capture of large caches of narcotics within the four months of the Persian new year, said a police chief here today.

Since the beginning of the Nowruz ( New Persian Year) on March 21 have been detected and confiscated caches with a total weight of 165 tons, revealed General Ahmad Reza Radan, acting chief of Iranian police to the IRNA official news agency.

This represents a considerable increase compared to that detected in the same period last year, said General Reza Radan.

In accordance with the goals and programs of force, the massive and effective presence of police troops in our maritime borders are among the tactics that have been decisive in the campaing against the international drug trafficking, he declared sentenciously

Iran shares borders in the east with Afghanistan and Pakistan, two countries in which, especially in the first, there are extensive uncontrolled cultivation of opium poppy from which are supplied the insatiable consumers of Western Europe and United States.

The relevant UN body recognizes the Islamic Republic among the first countries in the world by the number and amount of confiscated illegal hallucinogens and its systematic policy of repression of smuggling.

The Iranian authorities estimated at several hundred million investment in equipment and staff dedicated to the fight against illegal drugs during which more than 4,000 police members have been killed.

By Prensa Latina


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