‘Voter turnout in 2013 presidential election, shining page in Iran history’

Iran Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar says the nation added another shining page to Iranian history through mass participation in the country’s June 14 presidential election.

Addressing participants in Hassan Rohani’s endorsement ceremony on Saturday, the Iranian Interior Minister presented a report on the country’s 11th presidential election.

During the ceremony, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei formally endorsed Rohani as the country’s new president for a four-year term in office in the presence of high-ranking Iranian officials.

Mohammad-Najar further hailed the election as “a symbol of religious democracy and the manifestation of the people’s will,” saying that the Iranian nation created a great epic by taking part in the vote.

The nation’s participation in the presidential election foiled enemy plots against the Islamic Republic, the Iranian minister said.

Mohammad-Najjar said that the Interior Ministry made every effort to hold a successful presidential election.

Rohani secured an outright victory with over 50 percent of the votes in Iran’s June 14 election, which was marked by a 72.7 percent voter turnout.

By Press TV

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