Iran makes iron oxide nanoparticles for medical industries

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian researches at Sharif University managed to produce a new type of medicine using Iron oxide nanoparticles which can be applied in different medical functions, including MRI.

The research project seeks investigating properties and functions of iron oxide nanoparticles in medical tools, including MRI, drug carrying and cancer treatment cases by magnetic hyperthermia, said Reza Ahmadi, a PhD student in materials engineering and the lead author of the project.

New medicines which can be used for the above-mention cases can be built through optimizing the condition of synthesis and investigating biocompatibility of drugs, he said, adding, the optimizing process includes controlling particles size, magnetic particles, biocompatibility of products and the level of particle’s delivery to lymph nodes and liver tissues.

The method uses cysteine surfactants as a stabilizing factor in magnetic solution of MRI contrast which increases magnetic properties of saturation and improves contrast in MRI images.

The research has been conducted successfully in animal phase. Using the synthesized particles in clinical and human phase can help identification of cancer tissues and lesions by MRI images.

The project would be used in identification and treatment cases as well.



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