Less than a week away from Intl. Quds Day

Expressing solidarity with Palestinians and demanding their right of return to their homeland.

Less than a week away from International Quds Day, the Iranian Society for the Defense of Palestine Nation (SDPN) has a held a conference in Tehran discussing the importance of this upcoming event. Intl. Quds Day is celebrated on the last Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan, to show solidarity with the Palestinian people and oppose Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem al-Quds. Chairman of Iran’s Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission talked about the importance of Intl. Quds Day for Palestinians.

Bourujerdi also talked about US Sec of State, John Kerry’s recent meeting with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and acting Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas, to discuss future talks about solving the Palestinian crisis.

Meanwhile, according to Representative of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Nasser Abu Sharif, ending the occupation of Palestinian territories, giving the right to the Palestinian people to determine their own fate, the return of all Palestinian refugees to their homeland and establishing a united Palestinian government with Jerusalem al-Quds as its capital must be met for talks to have relevance.

Palestinians are seeking to create an independent state on the territories of the West Bank, East Jerusalem al-Quds, and the Gaza Strip and are demanding that Israel withdraw from the Palestinian territories occupied in the Six-Day War of 1967. However, so far Tel-Aviv has refused to return to the 1967 borders and is unwilling to discuss the issue of al-Quds.

By Press TV


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