Iran today: All is well — hand-woven rugs are 35% of world market

English-language State media continued to push ‘good news’ stories about Iran’s ailing economy on Sunday. After Fars News — close to the Revolutionary Guards — attempted to convince readers that the oil industry was in good shape, State outlet Press TV offers a positive economic message with a heart-warming, nationalist twist:

The chairman of Iran’s National Carpet Center [Mohammad Baqer Aqa-Alikhani] says hand-woven Iranian carpets constitute 35 percent of the global market for the commodity — $427 million out of a total $1.35 billion.

Press TV points out, “Carpets are one of the greatest manifestations of the Persian culture and art.”

But why are they so popular? The journalists explain, “Experts attribute the increasingly lucrative market for Persian carpets worldwide to its quality, color and design.”

And there is more good news — the sales could increase still further via publicity and shrewd diplomacy:

Aqa-Alikhani noted that…the Islamic Republic can further boost its international market by advertising the Iranian carpet and sending commercial delegations overseas in an attempt to identify new markets.

Thus, Iran’s global image corresponds with a solution for unemployment: as Press TV points out:

There is an estimated population of 1.2 million carpet weavers in Iran.

By Enduring America


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