Resistance key to liberating Palestine, restoring Palestinians’ rights: Iran envoy

The Iranian ambassador to Syria has underlined the need to remain steadfast on the path to safeguarding the Palestinians’ rights and securing the liberation of their land.

“Resistance is the best way to restore the denied rights of Palestinians and liberate the historical land of Palestine from the clutches of the Zionist regime (Israel),” Mohammad-Reza Raouf-Sheibani said in a meeting with the families of the martyrs of resistance at the Iranian embassy in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Wednesday.

A central plank of Iran’s foreign policy is to support the oppressed Palestinian nation and resistance, he added, stressing that employing the language of resistance is the only effective way to confront the Israeli regime’s inhumane policies.

He said negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian leaders have never been successful in restoring the rights of Palestinians.

“Surveying the contemporary history, we see that talks have never led to the liberation of the Palestinian lands; therefore, it is necessary to staunchly support the resistance front and the Palestinian people in order to help them reclaim their legitimate rights,” the Iranian envoy pointed out.

The talks between the Israeli regime and the Palestinian Authority were halted in September 2010 over disagreements on Israeli settlement construction in the occupied West Bank.

US Secretary of State John Kerry claimed on July 19 that the Palestinian Authority and Israel had agreed to meet and prepare for the resumption of talks. He gave no details of what had been agreed by then.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Raouf-Sheibani also touched on the activities of extremists in the region, saying Takfiris have turned into a tool at the hands of the enemies of the Islamic world to sow the seeds of discord among Muslims. He urged Islamic nations to remain united and vigilant to confront and isolate such groups.

He said that the enemies have capitalized on disagreements among Muslims to foment religious rifts in the Middle East to serve their own interests.

By Press TV


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