Egypt’s public prosecutor orders arrest of Brotherhood leaders

Egypt’s public prosecutor has ordered the arrest of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and eight other senior members of the movement.

The arrest warrant for the Brotherhood leaders was issued on Wednesday for a probe over accusations of inciting violence.

Badie has been detained and later released at least once since the army deposed democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi in a military coup earlier this month.

The situation is now getting increasingly tense in Egypt.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Muslim Brotherhood called on its supporters to hold nationwide demonstrations on July 26 under the slogan “the people want to bring down the coup.”

The group issued the statement hours after Egypt’s army chief called on the people across the country to pour into the streets on July 26 to show solidarity with the interim government.

In a speech at a military graduation ceremony, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said “I urge the people to take to the streets this coming Friday to prove their will and give me, the army and police, a mandate to confront possible violence and terrorism.”

Senior Brotherhood leader Mohamed El Beltagy said Gen Sisi was “calling for a civil war… to protect this military coup.”

“He is proving that he is the actual ruler of the country, and that the [interim] president, his vice president and the government do not hold any power,” he added.

On July 3, the Egyptian Army removed Morsi from office, suspended the constitution and declared the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Adly Mansour, as the interim president.

Over 100 people have been killed in an unrelenting wave of violent clashes between Morsi’s supporters, his opponents, and security forces since the ouster of the president.

By Press TV


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