Blacklisting Hezbollah proves EU subservience to Israel: Iran clerics

An association of Iranian clerics in the religious city of Qom has condemned the recent decision by the European Union (EU) to blacklist the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah as evidence of the EU’s subservience to the US and Israel.

“The imprudent and illogical measure taken by the EU to label the Hezbollah resistance movement as terrorists is clear proof of the EU’s subservience to the policies of the US and the Zionist regime (Israel), and the prevalence of injustice and double standards in the world,” the Society of Qom Seminary Instructors said in a statement released on Thursday.

The statement further noted that the EU’s designation of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization comes after the Union’s offer of full immunity and support for the main perpetrator of terrorist activities in the world, Israel.

“Hezbollah is a symbol of resistance and perseverance. It has repeatedly managed to bring the world’s fourth most aggressive army to its knees…. Therefore, the wounded enemies of the Muslim world seek to bring this invincible power to its knees by this measure,” it pointed out.

On Monday, the EU added Hezbollah’s military wing to the bloc’s list of “terrorist organizations.”

The decision was made after hours of discussions by the bloc’s 28 foreign ministers at the group’s monthly meeting, following intense diplomatic pressure by Washington and Tel Aviv.

Hezbollah rejected EU’s decision in a Tuesday statement, saying that the bloc was bowing to pressure from the US and the Israeli regime.

“It looks as if the decision was written by American hands and with Israeli ink. The EU only had to add its signature in approval,” Hezbollah said.

The movement also said that the hostile measure “does not in any way echo the interests of the people of the EU and goes against the principles of the European people which are supportive of freedom and independence.”

By Press TV


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