Rights groups slam Israel for arresting 5-year-old Palestinian kid

Human rights groups have condemned the arrest of a five-year-old Palestinian boy by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank, Press TV reports.

The boy, Wadia Meswedeh, was arrested on July 9 at a checkpoint near Ibrahimi Mosque in the city of al-Khalil for ‘throwing stones’ at the car of an Israeli settler.

The arrest has prompted condemnations by several human rights groups.

Press TV’s correspondent in al-Khalil has talked to Wadia and his family.

“I threw the stone at a dog and stone landed on the settler’s car. The settler called the soldier and told him that I threw the stone at his car. They came here and called my father and then they arrested him, blindfolded him and took us somewhere we waited for one hour,” Wadia told Press TV on Saturday.

Wadia’s father says the incident is just an example of the violence that Palestinians in al-Khalil face because of the Israeli occupation.

He also said Israeli troops attack media or anyone filming violations against Palestinians.

This has led to a lack of media coverage of the humanitarian crisis in al-Khalil, he said.

Press TV crew were also stopped and questioned by the Israeli soldiers before entering the old city.

The Meswedeh family lives in the H2 Area of al-Khalil, which is under full Israeli military control.

The arrest or detention of a minor is against international law and the fourth Geneva Convention. It also defies Israeli military law, which states that a minor under 12 cannot be arrested.

The arrest of the five-year-old Palestinian boy has made his family believe that the international community and human rights groups have not done enough regarding Israel’s crimes.

By Press TV


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