‘Medicine-affecting anti-Iran bans cruel’

Iran news headlines on Thursday include Ayatollah Rafsanjani calling anti-Iran bans that affecting medicine as “very cruel”; number of foreign students in country; Iran-Nakhchivan natural gas swap; Supreme leader urging Qur’anic lifestyle in Islamic societies; Intelligence Minister calling arrest of Jundollah leader Iran’s best intelligence achievement; Society of Qom Seminary Scholars expressing regret over the current situation in Egypt; expansion of Iran-Tunisia maritime cooperation; The Telegraph reports on Saudi Arabia directing of ballistic missiles toward Israel & Iran and Ahmadinejad inauguration of energy projects in sourthern Iran.


Bans affecting medicine in Iran very cruel: Ayatollah Rafsanjani

Chairman of Iran’s Expediency Council Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has described as “very cruel” the US-led sanctions against the Islamic Republic that have resulted in the shortage of medicine and health risks to patients in the country.


14,000 foreign students studying in Iran

Fourteen thousand students are studying at Iran’s universities and efforts are underway to attract more international students, according to Iran’s minister of science, research, and technology, Kamran Daneshjoo.


Iran resumes natural gas swap with Nakhchivan

A senior Iranian gas industry official says the Islamic Republic and Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic have resumed natural gas swap days after the transport of gas from Azerbaijan to its southern neighbor was suspended due to repairs.

Leader urges Qur’anic lifestyle in Islamic societies

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the recitation and memorization of the holy Qur’an is a prerequisite to achieving an “ideal Qur’anic society.”

Minister terms arresting Jundollah leader Iran’s best intelligence achievement

Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi underlined that arresting the terrorist Jundollah’s ringleader, Abdolmalek Rigi, has been the most important achievement of his ministry in the past 8 years.


Domestic conflicts in Egypt only benefit Zionists: Iran clerics

The Society of Qom Seminary Scholars has issued a statement expressing regret over the current situation in Egypt and noting that domestic conflicts in the North African country only benefit the Zionist regime of Israel.

Iran, Tunisia agree to boost maritime cooperation

Iranian and Tunisian naval officials have agreed to further tap into their maritime capacities for the transportation of goods between the two countries’ ports.

Italy urges enhanced ties with Iran

The Italian foreign ministry in a statement called for the further improvement of relations and cooperation with Iran in all fields.


Saudi Arabia directing ballistic missiles toward Israel, Iran

Saudi Arabia has deployed powerful ballistic missile launchers that have both Israel and Iran in the crosshairs, satellite images published in The Telegraph suggest.

Iran’s president inaugurates energy projects in sourthern Iran

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has inaugurated several energy projects in southern Iran, saying the Islamic Republic’s oil industry is now majorly run by Iranian experts.


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