Iran produces microbial paclitaxel, biologic fungicide

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian researchers have managed to produce paclitaxel with microbial origin and biologic fungicide.

“The fungicide has been manufactured after one-year research by experts at Shahrekord University (western Iran). It has been tested and acted successfully in different circumstances,” said a faculty member of Genetics Department of Shahrekord University Mohsen Mobini.

He said fungicide can prove effective in preventing loss of agricultural products due to diversity of losses and increasing growth of fungus in planting, harvesting and using phases.

According to Mobini, using such biologic fungicide saves the country’s currency spent formerly for importing chemical fungicides and decreases their negative effects.

Paclitaxel with microbial origin is used for cancer patients and has been produced by herbal-based method, he said adding, production of the drug with microbial origin helps boosting the level of output and protecting the environment and natural resources.



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