Euro-4 gasoline production hits 21 ml/d

TEHRAN (FNA)- Domestic oil refineries production of euro-4 gasoline has reached 21 million liters per day, Managing-Director of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) Alireza Zeighami said.

“Daily production of euro-4 gasoline by Imam Khomeini and Abadan oil refineries stands at 12 and 3 million liters respectively while several other oil refineries are producing lower amount of the product,” Zeighami told the oil ministry’s website.

Referring to observation of standards in production of gasoline and gasoil by domestic oil refineries, Zeighami said, “Various countries are willing to buy these products from Iran implying recognition of their high quality.”

Zeighami stated that distribution of euro-4 gasoline in all the cities across the country requires improving infrastructures including separating oil products’ transfer pipelines and that is way now it is being distributed in just a number of cities.

NIORDC’s official said boosting gasoline production projects at Tabriz and Isfahan oil refineries will come online respectively in August and September adding by launching these projects, current level of euro-4 gasoline will rise significantly.

“Similar boosting gasoline production projects are underway in Bandar Abbas and Shiraz oil refineries along with building Anahita and Persian Gulf Star gas condensate refineries which aims at boosting distribution of qualified gasoline across the country,” Zeighami noted.

By Fars News


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