Oil export under the flag of other countries – Iran minister

TEHRAN, July. 7 (MNA) – Iran’s Petroleum Minister: Iran’s oil will be exported to desired destinations under the flag of various countries.

The petroleum minister of Iran emphasized that in the current conditions, Iran holds the greatest gas and oil reserves; while most countries with such reserves will run out of hydrocarbon reserves such as oil and gas within about 50-60 years, “Iran will remain a gas and oil reserves holder for production and export for at least a hundred more years.”

The official expressed that most boycotter countries have been forming teams at their embassies to curtail Iran from exporting its oil and even petroleum equipment to desired countries and explained that: “for the same reason Iran’s oil sale has experienced a significant decline.”

The minister of petroleum further added: “They have even affected oil transforms to the extent that they imposed sanctions on oil tankers as well as international insurances hence no oil tankers or international insurance companies can insure Iran’s oil.”

He indicated that these sanctions were unprecedented and even during the 8 years of the imposed war, Iran did not face such severe sanctions. “At that time we managed to export our oil to the desired destinations under the flags of various countries and via international oil tankers,” he said.

The Iranian petroleum minister pointed out that one of the most hostile actions of the boycotters was that they threatened an international company which was responsible for completing the Phase 12 of the South Pars project; “the managing director of the company was threatened to 20 years of confinement in case he continued cooperation with Iran, hence he was forced to leave Iran.”

Qassemi said Iran is preparing the conditions for oil export in a way that in addition to oil incomes, Iran will also rely on gas incomes and will gradually replace the oil incomes with gas incomes. Qassemi also added that “in the petrochemical industry we have 70 new plants to be constructed and by whose construction Iran’s capacity of petrochemical production will increase from 60 million tons to 100 million tons.”

By Mehr News


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