British MP blames Zionist lobby for media ban on Iranian channels

British MP Lord Nazir Ahmed has condemned the decision by the international Satellite providers to take dozens of Iranian channels, including Press TV, off the air, saying the “Zionist lobby” is to blame for the ban.

Lord Nazir told Press TV that the West has been “really selective” in what people watch around the world, adding that when they don’t like a particular media or a particular government they simply switch it off.

“Freedom of speech, and freedom of expression and freedom of media should be universal and it’s very unfortunate that the Zionist lobby does not like Press TV and many of the other outlets of Iran and that’s why, the pressure is so much that they need to be switched off,” Muslim British MP said.

Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone also condemned the West’s latest attack on free speech and said the United States has been repeatedly seeking to “overthrow or destabilize” the governments around the world which refuse to obey Washington’s orders.

The removal of Iranian satellite channels has been tied to American sanctions against the Iranian government, passed by US President Obama in 2012.

Iranian officials say they are determined to take legal action against the illegal media ban and are preparing to take the case to the United Nations (UN).

Press TV and other Iranian satellite channels have been taken off the air regardless of mutual contracts and agreements in several Western countries including Britain, France, Germany and Spain.

By Press TV


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