Iranian researchers design protect pipelines with mobile phone

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian researchers in a knowledge-based company located at a scientific research center can monitor cathodic protection stations of gas and oil pipes using mobile phones.

They have designed a smart rectifier for cathodic protection stations which can be accessed by a GSM system installed on the system.

Cathodic protection is a system which prevents or lessens metals corrosion through exercising a specific and controlled voltage on metal structures. Rectifier is responsible for exercising external flow.

Expert of the knowledge-based company have manufactured a modern and advanced rectifier to meet needs of gas and oil pipelines. The system can also be used in oil and gas industry as well as power, water, power and any other industries with pipeline and metal equipment. The 10-KW rectifier’s weight is one thirds of common rectifiers.

Rectifier is installed in different points across the pipeline which may be difficult to go, and increases its size, weight, installation capability and serviceability.



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