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West obsessed with Iran regional influence: Analyst

The Western governments and their Arab stooges in the Persian Gulf are stepping up their criminal acts in Syria due to their obsession with Iran’s growing influence in the region, an analyst says.

“From the Western imperialist viewpoint, if they lose in their covert war in Syria, then Iran’s alliance with Syria and its influence across the Middle East will be even greater,” Finian Cunningham wrote in a column for Press TV.

He added that Western governments are determined to “isolate and undermine Iran, an important ally of Syria and a key opponent to Western hegemonic ambitions in the vital oil- and gas-rich Middle East region.”

“Because of the deep strategic ties between the House of Saud and Washington and London, it can be safely deduced that Saudi concerns over Syria and Iran are intimately shared by the US and Britain, as well as France,” wrote Cunningham.

The crisis in Syria began in March 2011 and many people, including large numbers of Syrian soldiers and security forces, have been killed in the foreign-sponsored militancy.

Last month, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad revealed militants from as many as 29 different countries are fighting against Syria.

The West and its regional allies – especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey – are reportedly supporting the militants.

“The real, unswerving agenda for Washington, London and Paris is regime change through the use of unremitting state-sponsored terrorism,” Cunningham said.

“That agenda is not only confined to Syria; as the Saudi disclosure indicates, the bigger picture has to do with the obsession among the Western imperialist powers and their Persian Gulf Arab dictator stooges with Iran.”

By Press TV


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