West bans Iranian channels to monopolize information: Analyst

French company GlobeCast has halted the broadcast of Iran’s Spanish-language Hispan TV on an SES satellite.

An analyst says recent restrictions imposed by certain European satellite providers on Iranian channels reveal that the West aims to monopolize the information received by the people.

“..you see there is a trend of the Wall Street bankers and the Zionists doing everything they can to maintain a monopoly on information to try to control what people hear in order to craft public opinion in the way they would like it,” Caleb Maupin, member of the International Action Center said in an interview with Press TV on Saturday.

The European-based company, Intelsat, suspended services to Iranian news channels on June 19, claiming the measure was taken in recognition of illegal sanctions the United States has declared against the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) – that is the country’s national broadcasting corporation.

Maupin said that despite their claims about freedom of speech and flow of information, the West and the US in particular “very much want to try to suppress the reality, which is [the right] of the people all over the world”.

The analyst noted that the US wants to control the public information in order to suppress the desire of billions of people, who are striving for peace, democracy and equality, against the small group of wealthy people.

The Intelsat suspension of services comes on the heels of a similar decision by Eutelsat and most other satellite operators in taking Iranian TV channels and radio stations off the air in several Western countries including Britain, France, Germany, and Spain.

The Israeli lobby in the United States has openly supported the attempt to silence the voice of Iranian media in Europe.

By Press TV


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