Aref pledges to cooperate with Rohani’s future administration

Former Iranian presidential candidate Mohammad Reza Aref has expressed his preparedness to cooperate with the future administration of Iran’s President-elect Hassan Rohani.

“Have no doubts about my cooperation with the 11th administration, as I have stressed time and again that I am ready to use everything in my power and help the administration,” said Aref in a meeting with a group of university students.

On June 10, Aref, a former first vice-president, withdrew his candidacy in Iran’s presidential election in order to give the Reformist camp a better chance of winning.

Rohani, who enjoys the support of the Reformist camp, won Iran’s June 14 presidential poll with an outright victory, gaining 18,613,329 votes, or 50.7 percent of a total of 36,704,156 ballots counted.

Nearly 50.5 million Iranians were eligible to vote in the presidential election. The voter turnout in the June 14th election was 72.7 percent, according to the Interior Ministry.

Rohani has pledged to cooperate with moderate figures from every political faction to form an inclusive administration.

By Press TV


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