UK lifts sanctions against Iran’s Mellat Bank

Iran news headlines on Wednesday include UK lift of sanctions on Iran’s Mellat Bank; Russia FM urging relief of Iran sanctions amid nuclear hope; public screening of Farhadi’s drama ‘Past’ in Tehran’s movie theaters; Israeli PM stressing on continuation of pressure on Iran and Venezuela’s President meeting Iran’s President-elect in near future.


UK’s Supreme Court quashes British sanctions on Iranian bank

The UK’s highest court has ruled that the British government was wrong to have imposed sanctions on an Iranian bank in 2009 over alleged links to Iran’s nuclear program. The Supreme Court decision on Wednesday mirrored a January ruling by the European Union’s General Court, which overturned sanctions imposed in 2010, and could result in the bank suing Britain for damages.


Russia urges softening of Iran sanctions amid nuclear hope

Russia on Tuesday urged the West to consider relaxing sanctions against Iran, saying there was unprecedented hope of a breakthrough in the nuclear standoff as Tehran was ready to make a major concession on uranium enrichment.

Tehran’s movie theaters screen Farhadi’s latest drama ‘Past

Acclaimed Iranian director Asghar Farhadi’s Paris-set tale movie The Past has started its public screening in the home country’s movie theaters.

Netanyahu: Israel won’t accept less than total halt of Iran’s nuclear enrichment

Israeli PM warns against new Iranian President Hasan Rowhani, saying his strategy is to calm the international community while quietly advancing the nuclear program. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that Israel will not accept Iranian uranium enrichment at any level.


Venezuela’s Maduro to meet Iran’s Hassan Rowhani

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro says he’ll meet soon with Iran’s President-elect Hassan Rowhani to further strengthen already close relations.


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