Iran Election Watch: Principlists not to make a coalition

1 day to the presidential vote, election stories are as follows: Principlists lack of consensus on a single candidate; Iran performing pilot exercises for communication readiness on Election Day; smart police providing election’s security; Guardian council warning presidential candidates and cancellation of electronic voting.


Principlists not to make a coalition

According to Aftab news, presidential voting begins in less than 20 hours but the efforts made to unite the Principlists around one failed. So Kayhan editor in chief Hossein Shariatmadari strongly criticized their lack of consensus and called it as a reason for the happiness of US agents of 88 sedition.


Iran performs 3 pilot exercises to test communication readiness on Election Day

Iran’s deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mohammad Ali Forghani, has announced that communications and telecommunications networks are completely ready to establish a secure and stable connection in presidential and council elections on June 14, adding 3 pilot exercises were performed to test network readiness, Mehr reported.


Smart Police to provide security during election: Iran police cmdr. 

Second-in-commander of the Iranian police, Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Radan, says Islamic Republic of Iran Police Force will provide election’s security with its smart capabilities, ISNA reported.


GC warns pres. candidates against early celebrations

Guardian Council Spokesman Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei has warned presidential candidates not to hold early celebrations, asking them to wait until the final results are announced.


Electronic voting was canceled

Safar Ali Baratloo, Head of Tehran election headquarters says electronic voting was canceled due to the lack of readiness of the Councils’ Supervisory Board, Young Journalist Club reported.

Previously, Iranian Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said that election processes will be carried out in digital form and using electronic voting system will be a good test.