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Campaigners rally in Tehran as presidential vote draws closer

Iranians have taken to the streets in the capital, Tehran, as the country’s presidential candidates wrapped up their campaigns for the June 14 election.

Late Wednesday, the fervid atmosphere grew even stronger as election banners and rallying supporters and campaigners filled the streets.

In Tehran’s northern Tajrish Square, campaigners, mostly supporters of principlist candidate Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, handed out CDs and brochures about their candidates. Many were also busily engaged in debates with passers-by to win votes for their candidate of choice.

“Now we can completely feel the election mood and there is much hype and energy everywhere ahead of the vote,” a campaigner said.

Further south and down Vali-e Asr Avenue supporters of reformist candidate Hassan Rohani gathered and brandished their purple color.

Many cars looked like moving billboards for candidates, as supporters displayed posters of their favorite candidates on their cars.

“Everything has changed completely since last week; the city has a whole different face and everybody is in the election mood,” said a motorist behind the wheel.

Near the parliament building at Baharestan Square supporters of principlist candidate Saeed Jalili were passing out flyers, while in the central Vali-e Asr Square, fans of different candidates rallied on the sidewalks and chanted slogans.

“Last week there was not much happening, but in the past couple of days the election atmosphere has become really exciting,” a middle-aged citizen said.

Some stated that the three rounds of televised debates had helped build remarkable enthusiasm among the people.

“As far as I know people started to weigh the candidates and decide on the country’s fate after they watched the debates on TV,” a female campaigner said.

Some campaigners had organized a rally summoning mostly their online supporters on the websites, where they have been posting their candidates’ speeches and contacting fellow supporters across the country to call mass rallies and gatherings.

“As we get closer to the election, the atmosphere normally heats up and this is thanks to the activities of the candidates as well,” said a man who was participating in a rally in support of Qalibaf.

“The election is just around the corner and it is the people’s right to campaign and work for the person of their preference,” another campaigner remarked.

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