Iran slated to publish conceptual translation of Holy Qur’an

Iran is set to publish a distinctive concept-based English translation of the noble Qur’an by Iranian scholar and expert on classic Islamic texts Dr. Ismail Salami.

The translation is different from previous attempts in offering a first-time concept-based rendition of the Holy Qur’an to be easily used and understood by common and elite readers.

The academic has applied an interpretive approach to the translation and offers a combination of modern and classic language to make it more appealing for layman and expert readers alike.

The specialized translation also offers a brief introduction at the beginning of each Surah (chapter) and contains several cross references to clarify the Qur’anic concepts for believers and devotees.

The need for this translation was felt when the scholar realized that many of the translations hitherto made in English by non-Muslims contained wrong perceptions of the Scriptures and hardly came close to reliability and faithfulness.

A long-time reciter of the Holy Qur’an, the scholar has conducted several researches on the Scriptures and other Islamic texts.

In order to enrich his translation, the academic has consulted a number of reliable classic and contemporary exegeses of the Holy Qur’an.

Salami has published many books on Persian literature including English translations of modern and classical Persian poetry.

Salami’s English version of Divan of Hafez, the collection of poems by the 14th century Persian poet, has been reissued numerous times in Iran and other countries.

The scholar has also translated poems by renowned figures of modern Persian poetry such as Sohrab Sepehri and Fereydoun Moshiri, which were released in four books.

A prolific writer, Salami has authored and translated over a hundred books and articles.

The researcher is planning to offer a complete translation of Imam Ali’s Nahjul Balagha (Peak of Eloquence) and Sahifa Sajjadiya (Supplications) by Imam Ali b. al-Husayn (PBUH) in the near future to be released by the same publisher Mehrandish Books.

Salami holds a PhD in Shakespeare Studies and his writings have been translated into dozens of languages. His recent bookShakespeare and the Reader has been published by Common Ground Publishing (Illinois).

By Press TV


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