West blocks diplomatic solution in Syria: Envoy

A file photo of the militants operating in Syria

The Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mahmoud has criticized efforts by Western countries to block a political solution to the ongoing crisis in the Arab country.

Syria has been in crisis since March 2011, and many people, including large numbers of Syrian security forces, have been killed in the unrest.

“Western states are trying to prevent the peaceful efforts of countries to resolve the Syria crisis. This is against the interests of Syrians and regional countries because certain countries, including Iran, Russia and China, seek the peaceful resolution of the Syria crisis,” the envoy said Saturday.

He praised Iran’s constructive efforts to end the Syria unrest, saying since the onset of the crisis the Islamic Republic has been playing a positive role in this regard.

The ambassador pointed to the international conference of the Friends of Syria held in the Iranian capital and said, “The meeting plays a significant role in continuing efforts to achieve a political solution to the Syrian issue through ending violence and holding national dialog without any preconditions under the leadership of the Syrian government.”

On May 29, Iran hosted an international conference on Syria to help find a political solution to the crisis in the Arab country. The event brought together delegates from around 40 countries.

Mahmoud highlighted the results of the conference, saying the international event emphasized opposition to foreign interference and called for an end to financial support for terrorists dispatched to Syria.

“The conference sent a clear message to regional and Western countries that support terrorists, which is that they must reconsider their wrong approaches to Syria and abandon policies that harm the stability of the region and the world,” the Syrian diplomat said.

Iran has repeatedly expressed its opposition to any foreign intervention in Syria’s internal affairs, stressing that inclusive dialogue and national reconciliation as well as free elections are the keys to resolving the unrest in the Arab country.

By Press TV


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