EU waives ban on weapons for Syrian terrorists

TEHRAN, May 28 (MNA) – European Union has lifted the ban on weapons to help Syrian opponents at a meeting yesterday.

According to Al Hayat TV channel, during a meeting in Brussels yesterday, European Union foreign ministers have waived the ban on weapons shipments to Syrian opponents and also agreed to continue implementing economic sanctions on Syria.

The ban on weapon shipments to Syrian opponents will end on June 1st. The EU decision is in line with the consent of France and Great Britain, which for a long time have put the EU under pressure to offer arm assistance to Syrian terrorists. But Austria, Finland and the Czech Republic have been against the move.

At the end of the meeting, William Hague, British Foreign Secretary said that the EU had approved the ending the ban to send arms to Syrian opponents and continued sanctions against Damascus.

About the EU’s decision, Hague said: “This is a clear message from the EU to Assad regime, and if they refuse to negotiate, other options are still on the table.”

Bashar al-Assad’s government has been asking for a peaceful negotiated settlement of the Syrian crisis, since the beginning.

The European Union passed the bill while some members, including Austria, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands have announced that they would not under any circumstances send arms to Syrian opponents.

Michael Spindelegger, Austrian Foreign Minister, one of the opponents of Britain’s position on Syrian opposition, said: “sending weapons [to Syrian opposition] is in conflict with the principles of the EU, which is a peace union.”

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