Saudi humanitarian aid for Syrian people stolen

TEHRAN, May 27 (MNA) – Millions of Saudi Rials collected for Syrian people as aid have been stolen.

Al-Alam quoted a member of unofficial aid collection societies in Saudi Arabia saying that the aids collected for Syrian people had been stolen. Al Quds al Arabi also reported that these activists had called the social networks on Internet to expose the responsible individuals of the association. He was quotes emphasizing that members of so-called aid association were among the renowned clerics.

Abdul Rahman Al-Lahim, a Saudi advocate told a TV network that “this type of societies is not new in Saudi Arabia, and in the past, similar associations collected money in mosques and other public places.”

The association operated while Saudi Arabian government banned any such money collecting associations claiming that helps for Syrian people was only commissioned by the official routes and through the government. Saudi Arabia and other regional and international supporters of terrorist fighters in Syria claim they help the refugees, but World Health Organization representative to Syria told two months ago that she had not received any help for Syrian people by Arab states.

Elizabeth Huff told reporters during her visit to a Syrian hospital in Damascus that she had did receive aid from western countries, but no help still from Persian Gulf Arab states participating in Kuwait conference on Syria.

By Mehr News


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