Iran today: Jalili and Qalibaf appeal to power bases

Saeed Jalili’s Campaign Logo Depicts Fingerprint In The Colors Of The Iranian Flag, And Jalili’s Name

With no principlist consensus candidate declared, Tehran mayor Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf and Supreme National Security Council secretary Saeed Jalili — arguably the two strongest figures of the eight approved candidates — have begun fighting for control of key power bases in Iran, including via the media.

Qalibaf — who is likely to be strongest in his Tehran home base — is using news and endorsement websites to support his campaign, having deemed that they are more effective than posters and banners. Raja News has published a list of 51 sites associated with the Qalibaf campaign (thanks to Iran Media Project for the link).

Qalibaf also has traditional media behind him, notably the Tehran-e Emrooz daily.

Jalili, meanwhile, has put efforts into gaining the support of the powerful Revolutionary Guards and military, emphasizing his past in the armed forces. Jalili’s campaign appears to be backed by Revolutionary Guards-linked news sites Fars News and Tasnim News.

Jalili — whose campaign slogan is “The Coalition Of The People + 1” has also made attempts to appeal to youth and to Bazaaris via grassroots campaign groups. Like Qalibaf, Jalili’s campaign also uses a network of endorsement blogs, which emphasize his support in various parts of the country, including in Sistan- Baluchestan. To emphasize popular support, his social media sites have posted photographs of Iranians holding banners in support of the Jalili campaign.

Jalili has also made the most use of visual imagery, including a logo of a fingerprint in the colors of the Iranian flag, over which is juxtaposed a stylized version of Jalili’s name in Nastaliq font.

Nuclear Watch — IAEA Report

The International Atomic Energy Agency has completed its latest quarterly report on Iran’s nuclear programme.

For more on the report — the obligatory AP scare story that preceded it and the inevitable doom-laden response by ISIS’s David Albright — see EA’s analysis here.

Presidential Election Watch — Rafsanjani Edition

Fars News — close to the Revolutionary Guards —headlines this morning with “The Official End of Hashemi [Rafsanjani]’s Election Campaign”.

Fars cites Rafsanjani aide Mohammed-Reza Sadeq as saying the former President has officially ended his campaign after praising his campaign staff.

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