FNA pageviews surpass 11 million per day

IT deputy of Fars news agency, Mahdi Alaee Zadeh has announced that Fars news agency’s daily pageviews  surpassed 11 million.

Mahdi Alaee Zadeh was quoted as saying that recently, a new record has been set for pageviewing the FNA website.

Average rate of viewing the FNA pages and the news text have reached 11 and 2 million pages per day respectively, Alaee Zadeh said.

He added that in order to increase the stability and continuity of quality service to the users during Iran’s presidential election period, necessary measures have been taken and load distribution system has been operated according to the user’s geographical location over a year ago.

He emphasized that using this system, every user is led to the nearest server according to his geographical location. In addition to increasing the service’s stability, this method provides the user with a much higher quality access to the site. It is predicted that the rate of FNA pageviews will be over 30 million  per day during Iran’s presidential election period.

It should be mentioned Fars News Agency has an Alexa traffic ranking of 8 in Iran, and of 697 in the world.