Iran today: Presidential election — Rafsanjani shakes up the race

Following up on an eventful Saturday, the last day of registration of candidacy for the 14 June Presidential election, in which….


*Former President Hashemi Rafsanjani shook up the race with a last-minute entry, grabbing headlines and pushing other factions and candidates to react to his decision

*President Ahmadinejad and his camp finally made their move, putting forth Ahmadinejad’s right-hand man Esfandiar Rahim-Mashai.

*The situation around the Supreme Leader’s camp continued to risk confusion — not only are all three members of the “2+1 Committee” formally registered; they have been joined by a possible compromise candidate, Secretary of the National Security Committee Saeed Jalili

Presidential Election Watch: Rafsanjani Sets Out “Moderation and Victory”

“God Willing (Inshallah), 1392 will be the year of moderation and victory” proclaimed a headline on the official website of Hashemi Rafsanjani on Sunday, a day after the former president shook up the Presidential race by registering minutes before polls closed.

Rafsanjani’s website offers a hint about a possible direction for his Presidential campaign — should the Guardian Council approve his candidacy. In a post entitled The US President’s Message To Hashemi the former president refers to then Ppresident George Bush’s 1989 message of “goodwill begets goodwill, after which Rafsanjani sought an opening for talks with Washington, in the face of opposition from hardliners in Tehran.

Rafsanjani’s hint that he may be willing to engage with Washington comes amid similar opposition to direct talks with the US, with Iran’s ambassador to Paris, Ali Ahani telling France’s BFM TV channel on Saturday that Washington was continuing its hostile policies against Iran and the Iranian nation, accusing the US of “meddling” in Iran in the past.

Tasnim News, which was founded by former Fars News reporters, speculates whether Rafsanjani will create a promotional film for his election campaign. Tasnim suggest that as the presidential race heats up, Rafsanjani will attempt to become more visible.

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