“Muslims’ enemies seek to tarnish image of Islam”

Iranian MP Alaeddin Boroujerdi

“The enemies of the Islamic Ummah are trying to tarnish the image of Islam in the court of public opinion and fuel sectarian divisions in the region by [promoting] anti-Islam extremist thoughts,” Alaeddin Boroujerdi said on Sunday.

The chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iran’s Majlis made the remarks in a meeting with Chairman of Pakistan’s Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Mushahid Hussain.

According to media reports on Thursday, the militant groups in Syria have raided the mausoleum of Hujr ibn Adi in the Damascus suburb of Adra, and transferred his remains to an unknown location.

Hujr, a close companion of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and a loyal supporter of the first Shia Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (PBUH), led the army of Muslims to victory in several crucial battles.

Boroujerdi said moves such as attacks on Shia Muslims in Pakistan are part of efforts by the ‘common enemies’ of Iran and Pakistan to drive a wedge between the two nations, adding the enemies must not be allowed to disrupt the expansion of Tehran-Islamabad ties.

Violence against the Pakistani Shia Muslims has been on the rise in recent months. Human Rights Watch says more than 400 Shias were killed in Pakistan in 2012, which was the deadliest year on record for the Pakistani Shia Muslim community.

Hussain, for his part, said Muslim countries particularly Iran and Pakistan should foil enemy plots through constant vigilance and continuous consultations.

Stressing the importance of expanding ties between Iran and Pakistan, Hussain said all Pakistani political groups are aware of the strategic importance of friendly ties with Iran.

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