Stupidities of US government about Iran

It could be that the American government is deluded about Iran. Even apparently intelligent people can have illusions. But that is taking too charitable a view. The truth is that the USA government is just stupid.

The first stupidity is claiming knowledge of a country without having an embassy there. Missing a prime source of information, the USA’s analysis and understanding of Iran is not only wrong but over thirty years out of date. Consequently the USA is locked into a condition of permanent hatred for being ignominiously booted out for supporting the brutal regime of Shah. Like a spoilt child, it is in a condition of stunted development and is unable to grow up.

The second stupidity is letting prejudice get in the way of objective analysis. Even when the USA does receive real information it wrecks the value of that information by viewing it through the prism of ignorance and spite. The result is that the USA is unable to understand that the Iranian Revolution has established deep roots so that Iran, despite sanctions, is burgeoning into a modern, technologically advanced society. In particular, Iran is politically stable so that the chances of its population wanting a ‘Green revolution’ (i.e. a sell-out to the militarist globalist financial capitalism which is now wrecking the world) are nil.

The third stupidity is thinking that sanctions will stop Iran’s progress in civilian nuclear energy or in anything else. Nothing will stop that progress. Besides, more and more nations are quietly making agreements with Iran.

But, such the bigotry and arrogance of the USA (and such its supreme hubris in thinking that the world looks up to it instead of, increasingly, despising it) it makes the fourth stupidity of thinking it can bully Iran into a grovelling submission. Which is a big mistake because when the Iranians see that they are being bullied, exactly the opposite happens – Iranian resolve is strengthened, national pride is doubled and even more effort is put into forwarding the Revolution. On top of that Iranians then remember that the USA has been militarily aggressive every year for the last seventy years; that it assassinates and tortures; that its economy is collapsing; and that a creeping internal fascism will soon be jumping up and stamping on the face of its population.

In short, the Iranians are a proud people with a civilised history going back many centuries before the time the USA stopped slaughtering Native Americans (just over one hundred years ago). Iranians simply are not amenable to being bullied.

But nothing stops the USA from trying. Convinced that what the USA stands for (i.e., rich-poor division, food stamps and war) is what is wanted elsewhere in the world, the USA is hoping to achieve a change of regime in Iran. To that end, the USA is making an unprecedented effort to terrify the Iranian people into submission. On 6th May, for three weeks, the navies of thirty countries, headed by the USA, will pollute the Persian Gulf and shake hands with the local vicious autocracies. The navies will be hosted by Bahrain which is ruled by a bunch of preening thugs. Significantly, the Western media are keeping as quiet as they can about the whole monstrous enterprise.

A more sickening display of moral and military corruption cannot be imagined and it is happening because the USA is in desperate need of achieving some sort of success somewhere in the world. It has been kicked out of Iraq; is being kicked out of Afghanistan; it hashed up Libya; and is in the process of hashing up Syria. So the American image needs a bit of burnishing and its Zionist rulers think a ‘Green revolution’ in Iran would be just the thing.

But there is news for the stupid USA. The celebrations of the Iranian Revolution in February (when there were many millions on the streets of the cities) should have been the clue that the Iranians support their country. It’s as simple as that and they despise the USA for thinking that it could be any different.

Furthermore, everybody realizes that the USA (implementing the desires of its Zionist masters) is destabilizing the Middle East in every way it can including financing and arming the terrorists of al Qaeda. What is more, there will be a huge turn-out for the Presidential election in June. The Iranians are great democrats and they will show the world.

The American government should grow up. But it seems it can’t. Like some ogre in a fairy tale it is doomed to behave badly for ever.

Nevertheless, intelligent people realize that those thirty navies are in the Persian Gulf to threaten Iran, to provoke Russia, to support vicious autocracies and to further destabilize the Middle East. But, one day, which will come sooner rather than later, a world which is quietly but powerfully re-arranging itself will see the collapse of the American dollar and a lessening of, even an end to, American militarism and adventures in the Persian Gulf.

By US Close Up


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