Ahmadinejad: Enemies pressing Iran economically because of its nuclear program

Tehran, May 1, IRNA – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said enemies are putting economic pressures on the Iranian nation because of its nuclear program.

Addressing the gathering of people in Rasht, capital of Gilan Province in northern Iran, on Wednesday, he said the era of sanctions would be over soon leaving behind enemies with the shame of their acts.

President Ahmadinejad arrived in Rasht, for his fourth visit to the province as part of his nationwide tour of provinces which he initiated eight years ago.

Outlining enemies’ plots against the Iranian nation, he said Iranians ˈare vigilant and would easily defuse enemiesˈ plots.ˈ

President Ahmadinejad said making such plots would only add to the long history of enemies’ shameful performance.

The president noted nations would soon manage to uproot hegemonic powers if they failed to act based on peace and justice.

He said that the claim made by enemies about Iran’s peaceful nuclear program was the ˈbiggest lie in the historyˈ which has rooted from enemies’ fear of Iran’s reconstruction as well as the countryˈs new and remarkable achievements.



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