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Samsung to close its apps store in Iran

Samsung will reportedly be closing down access to its apps store in Iran, starting from May 22, KhabarOnline website reported.

According to the website, Samsung sent e-mails to its apps store members in Iran, noting that its service will be temporarily unavailable in Iran, starting from May 22.

As the reason for temporary closure of apps store in Iran, Samsung reportedly noted “legal issues”.

The letter also reportedly said the apps store users should use all available updates from the store, since if some users are not able to update until May 22, they will not be able to do so after the stated date.

KhabarOnline also wrote that according to the letter sent from Samsung, the company did not provide any alternative for apps store updates in case the users will not make it until May 22.

Samsung has been doing well at Iranian market, and if the apps store service will be shut down in the country, the company’s position at the market will be weakened.

Samsung had problems in Iran in 2012, when a Samsung Galaxy commercial was released online, featuring a rendezvous of Israeli Mossad agents at a cafe near what appears to be an Iranian nuclear facility.

One of the agents, who was passing the time at a table with a Samsung tablet, shows off the machine’s features to his comrades – all dressed as women – when he inadvertently pushes a button that triggers an explosion at the nuclear plant.

The commercial caused big outrage in Iran, and Samsung later released a statement condemning the production of the commercial by the firm’s Israeli branch, with Samsung’s Tehran office saying that the spot had nothing to do with the firm and that it had been produced by another company.

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