Today’s top stories in Iran, 24-04-2013

Today’s top stories in Iran include Deputy Speaker of Iranian Parliament criticizing Iran’s government illegality; Iran’s IRGC holding a military drill on Thursday; magnitude 4.7 quakes shaking south of Iran; Iran’s MP criticizing Ahmadinejad’s 4th round of provincial trips; lawmakers questioning  of two ministers and grounding domestic airline in Iran due to outdated planes.


Mozaffar criticizes Iran’s 9th government failure to implement the election Law

According to Mehr, Deputy Speaker of Iranian Parliament Hossein Mozaffar has criticized the illegality of the ninth government, saying that by not implementing the election law, president Ahmadinejad has started a ‘dangerous game’.


Iran’s IRGC to stage a military drill in western Azerbaijan

Lieutenant Commander of Basij (volunteer) Forces for Operations Colonel Nosratollah Seif has announced that the last stage of two-day ‘Towards Bait al-Muqaddas’ drill will be held in Western Azerbaijan on April 25, emphasizing that Iran’s military power has grown three times more than the last year, ISNA reported.


4.7 magnitude quakes jolt south of Iran

Seven earthquakes with a magnitude of 4.7 have shaken Bushehr province on Wednesday morning. The 4.7 Richter earthquakes have been reported in Kaki and Abdan in south of Iran, Mehr reported.

Iran’s MP: Ahmadinejad’s 4th round of provincial trips are just election campaigns

An Iranian MP Nader Ghazipur criticizes the beginning of the president’s 4th round of provincial trips, saying that the trips are just election campaigns for certain people, Mehr said.


 Lawmakers questions two ministers

30 Iranian MPs questioned minister of energy and economy minister on Majlis floor over rising of utilities prices and providing currency for importing needed medicine, respectively on Wednesday.


Iran grounds domestic airline due to outdated planes

All flights of an Iranian airline have been stopped due to its outdated aircraft, the Fars News Agency quoted Civil Aviation Organisation of Iran director Hamid Pahlavani as saying.

He did not mention the name of the airline, but said its planes have been grounded as of April 9.