Iran-Iraq agree to free jailed nationals

TEHRAN: The commanders of Iranian and Iraqi border guards have agreed to release the two countries’ nationals who have crossed the neighbouring state unintentionally, Iran’s IRNA reported.

Commander of Iranian Border Guards Hossein Zolfaqari said that he had urged his Iraqi counterpart, Major General Hussein Jassim Al-Awadi, to release the Iranian nationals who have entered the Iraqi territory for pilgrimage unlawfully, if they have committed no other offenses.

“It was also agreed that a list of the Iranians arrested by the Iraqi police be prepared in a bid to pave the way for their freedom at the earliest,” he said.

Describing bilateral ties as close and excellent, he said that the two neighbouring states are trying to promote border security.

Zolfaqari also said: “Al-Awadi has called for using Iran’s facilities and equipment on borders and we made available a list of the equipment to him, which they can use.”

By New Straits Times


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