Today’s top stories in Iran, 23-04-2013

Today’s top stories in Iran include Sharif cultural activists calling for closure or merger of Management department; Iran’s NDC adding Sahar-2 to Persian Gulf; test firing Iran’s 200km-range Qader missiles; Zakani criticizing Ahmadinejas’s recent statements on unveiling his critics corruption; Increasing gold coin price in Iran’s free market; residents of Iran’s border areas assistance to strengthen border control before Presidential elections and negotiation of two former presidents for candidacy in upcoming presidential election.


Sharif cultural activists calling for closure or merger of Management  department

In a letter to Iran’s minister of Science, Research, and Technology, a group of cultural activists of Sharif University of technology have called for the closure or merger of the Management department. They have criticized the performance of the officials in the department, adding that they not only try to downplay economic policies of the 9th and 10th governments and the Islamic system, but also question the system’s major policies against global arrogance, Mehr reported.


Iran’s North Drilling Company adds 2nd advanced drilling dig to Persian Gulf

According to FNA, managing director of the North Drilling Company (NDC), Hedayatollah Khademi has announced that Iran’s North Drilling Company added the second advanced drilling dig named Sahar-2 to Persian Gulf.


200km-range missiles strengthen Iranian Army

200km-range Qader missiles test-fired in January 2013 on the fifth day of the Velayat 91 military maneuvers can boost Iranian Army’s defense capability in naval battles, Fars News agency said on Tuesday.


Zakani criticizes Ahmadinejas’s recent remarks about fighting against economic corruption

According to Mehr, criticizing President Ahmadinejad’s recent statements, Alireza Zakani said that a person, whose relatives are steeped in financial and economical corruption, cannot claim to be fighting against economic corruption.

During a meeting with people in Khuzestan province on April 22 Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatened his critics with unveiling their corruption, saying that if he reveals some dossiers, some people will lose their position in public opinion.


Gold coin price rises above 13.5 million Rls on Iran’s free market

Gold coin price continues to rise in Iran’s free market. Each Bahar-e Azadi gold coin was sold at a price of 13.5 million rials on Tuesday, Mehr reported.


Residents of Iran’s border areas to strengthen border control before forthcoming Presidential elections

In order to strengthen the borders control before the presidential elections, residents of border areas will work as assistants of border guards after the necessary training, Deputy Commander of Iran’s Border Operation Troops Hamid Sharafi said to Mehr agency.


Two former Iranian presidents continue to negotiate for Presidential candidacy

Senior Member of Executives of Construction Party Hossein Marashi has said that Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammad Khatami, former Iranian presidents, are both trying to convince the other to be nominated for the upcoming Presidential election.