‘West bans Iran channels over truthful coverage’

Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Hosseini says the West has banned Iranian channels because it fears their truthful coverage of events.

“Westerners are concerned with the influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s world service broadcasts outside the country because these channels actively [reveal] truths and show what is behind-the-scenes of some incidents,” the minister told a Monday press conference.

The minister accused Western governments of seeking to “monopolize the dissemination of information” so that their broadcasts reflect how they want events to be viewed by the public.

“The West pretends to represent many other voices, but actually most of these news networks, [information] centers, and news agencies are dependent upon capitalists …and do not tolerate any other voice,” he stated.

In recent months, European satellite providers have launched a concerted campaign to silence Iran’s international broadcasters.

The campaign has revealed the true face of the West, which preaches respect for human rights and free speech but practices the opposite.

Eutelsat’s Israeli-French CEO Michel De Rosen has stepped up his restrictive campaign by appealing to major satellite providers in Europe and Asia to take Iranian media off the air.

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