Iran to unveil new improved naval cruise missile

Iran news headlines on Wednesday include Iran releasing new naval cruise missile in near future; Iranian Oil Minister remarks over improbability of fall of crude prices below USD 100 a barrel; Iran reports on quake casualty; Israeli PM statements on ineffectiveness of Iran sanctions; Iran well blowout at an Iranian onshore oilfield and U.S. Senate committee passing resolution to back Israel in conflict with Iran.


Iran to unveil new naval cruiser soon

Head of Iran’s Aerospace Organisation, General Mehdi Farahi announced on Wednesday that a new cruiser launched by the Navy will be unveiled in the near future, Fars news agency reported.

According to Farahi, various types of cruisers, including surface-to-surface and maritime ones, are vital to ward off any potential threat and increase the country’s military power.


Further oil price free-fall, unlikely: Iran

Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi says crude prices are unlikely to fall below USD 100 a barrel and that the downward trend has stopped.

“We forecast that the price of oil will not fall below USD 100 a barrel,” Qasemi told reporters on Wednesday on the sidelines of an Oil and Gas Show in Tehran.


Iran reports one killed, dozens hurt in quake

A huge earthquake that struck Iran’s rural southeast region killed one woman and injured more than two dozen other people, media reports Wednesday cited officials as saying.

“A woman was killed by a mountain landslide following the quake,” Alireza Shahraki, governor of Khash city, was quoted by ISNA news agency as saying.


Sanctions on Iran not enough: Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday warned that the “tough sanctions” currently imposed on Iran might not be enough to prevent Tehran from obtaining a military nuclear capability.

“We need to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons,” he told foreign diplomats attending a reception at the presidential residence in al-Quds, marking the 65th anniversary of the Jewish state’s foundation.


Iran says oil well blowout controlled, no injuries

A well blowout at an Iranian onshore oilfield has been controlled and nobody was injured, the country’s oil ministry news service, Shana, reported on Wednesday.

Shana did not say when the uncontrolled release of hydrocarbons happened following a gas leak, but quoted the deputy head of National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) as saying the well had been blocked off.


Senate c’tee: US will aid Israel if it strikes Iran

On Israel’s 65th Independence Day, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee adopted “Senate Resolution 65,” stipulating that the US will assist Israel diplomatically, economically and militarily if the Jewish state is compelled to take military action against Iran “in its defense of its territory, people, and existence.”


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