Earthquake strikes Iran-Pakistan border, felt across Persian Gulf and India

Iran news headlines on Tuesday include 7.8 magnitude quake strike near Iran-Pakistan border; Iran test-firing land-to-sea ballistic missile in PG; IDF Chief of Staff remarks over Israel capability in striking Iran on its own; Iran president visiting uranium-producing Niger and Iran oil minister statements on Tehran Oil Show as a sign of  failure of international sanctions.


Strong 8 magnitude quake hits Iran

A major earthquake described as the strongest to hit Iran in more than half a century flatted homes and offices Tuesday near Iran’s border with Pakistan, killing at least 40 people in the sparsely populated region and swaying buildings as far away as New Delhi and the skyscrapers in Dubai and Bahrain.


Iran test-fires land-to-sea ballistic missile in Persian Gulf: Cmdr.

Iran’s deputy defense minister says the Islamic Republic has successfully test-fired a land-to-sea ballistic missile in the Persian Gulf. Brigadier General Majid Bokaei said on Tuesday that the Defense Ministry has been able to test-fire the new missile, which has a high target-hitting capability.


IDF Chief of Staff: Israel capable of striking Iran on its own

Chief of Staff Benny Gantz addresses major national security issues during Independence Day interviews; apologizes for not placing Israeli flag on grave of soldier thought not Jewish. Key national security issues, including the effect the unstable situations in Syria and Egypt are having on Israel, the possibility of a third Palestinian intifada and an attack on Iran, were addressed by IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz during Independence Day interviews on Tuesday with media.


Iran’s Ahmadinejad visits uranium-producing Niger

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived on Monday in Niger, the world’s No. 4 uranium producer, where the French nuclear group Areva has seen its grip on the industry loosened by a government looking to diversify its partners.


Tehran Oil Show proves failure of US-led sanctions: Iran min.

Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi says the upcoming high-profile Oil Show in Tehran demonstrates the failure of international sanctions against the Islamic Republic’s energy sector. The minister said in a message on Tuesday that the 18th International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition, scheduled to kick off on Thursday, is a “clear manifestation of the failure and ineffectiveness” of sanctions engineered by the United States.


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