Producer calls on presidential candidates to watch “Tehran 2121”

TEHRAN — The “Tehran 2121” Producer has called on would-be candidates of Iran’s upcoming presidential election to watch the animation along with people at a theater to promote the motion picture industry.

“While officials are usually invited to watch a movie and perhaps they never have paid for a ticket, we insist that they buy a ticket to watch the animation, because the symbolic act could be viewed as a support for the motion picture industry,” Mohammadreza Abolhassani told the MNA on Friday.

He said that he is trying to contact the would-be candidates to convince them watch the movie along with filmgoers at theaters.

According to Abolhassani, former foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki, who has officially announced that he will run for the June presidential election, has recently watched the animation at a Tehran theater.

“He bought 10 tickets for himself and companions, and watched the movie along with people at the Azadi Cinema Complex on Wednesday,” he said.

Directed Bahram Azimi, “Tehran 2121”, about the past and present of a 160-year-old man, was one of five movies screened at Iranian theaters during the holidays of Noruz, the Iranian New Year celebration, which began on March 21.

The animated film has won second place in the box office battle with over 120 billion rials (over $350,000). Masud Dehnamaki’s drama “Scandal” is in first place with 170 billion rials ($500,000).

The story of “Tehran 2121” takes place in the year 2121, when robots live along with people who live for over 160 years due to progress in medical science.

Iran’s Guardian Council is tasked with examining the qualifications of candidates and supervising elections.

By Tehran Times


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