Pak-Iran gas project to boost economy

Sunday, March 17, 2013 – Multan—Khawaja Muhammad Younus, Chairman All PakistanBedsheets and Upholstery Manufacturer’s Association (APBUMA) said that execution of Pak-IranGas line has been breath of fresh year for the industrial sector of Pakistan. He said that energycrises from last few years has greatly undermined the production of industrial sector of Pakistan and reached its peak during the current winter.

Chairman APBUMA hoped that the project will be completed by 2014 and there will be enoughgas in our system to meet our domestic demand. He showed optimism that work on 781 km pipeline at our side will soon be started at war bases. He said that this project will boost economyand value-added sector due to generation of 4000 megawatt electricity as well.

He said that the textile sector of Punjab had its nightmare during December-2012 to Feb-2013 where the gas remained suspended for more than two months. He said that after experiencing worst ever energy shortage industrial sector was desperately looking for the relief in the future.

He was of the view that entire industrial sector was looking towards the Pak-Iran gas line project as there was no other feasible project in sight. He said that the said project was delayed time and again owing to international pressures and need political will to be settled.

Younus praised the President showing the political will for negating all the international pressure in the greatest interest of nation. He said that the nation will remember the Pak-Iran pipeline ofsymbol of courage and vision of President Asif Ali Zardari and a gift for people from Pakistan People’s Party regime.

By Pakistan Observer


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