‘Pak-Iran gas pipeline vital for economy’

KARACHI: Pak-Iran gas pipeline project is vital for the country and we are not afraid of any sanctions as we have already paid a big price in the war against terrorism and USA has not given us any benefits although due to war our infrastructure has been devastated and our poor innocent civilians and soldiers are killed.

Naseem Anwar Senior Vice Chairman SITE Association of Industry congratulated President Asif Ali Zardari President upon groundbreaking ceremony of the project. Our economy is ailing and it would have been peanuts for USA to rescue us but it did not come forward with concrete steps.

The government is going to initiate this important project in view of the energy requirements. This project is being commissioned purely to meet economic needs of our country and it is being executed by two sovereign states of the region. This project will bring economicprosperity, provide better opportunities to the people and help defeat militancy in the region by industrialisation staff report.

By Daily Times


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