Syria’s Brotherhood says US, Iran actually want Assad to stay

Mohammad Riad Al-Shoqfeh, Leader of Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, said that USA and Iran keep them under pressure to confer with Bashar al-Asad of Syria.

“USA and Iran actually want al-Asad to stay. Iran put us under pressure, but we’ll never come to an agreement with al-Asad. We will fight to the end against al-Assad” said Al-Shoqfeh.

Al-Shoqfeh came to Turkey to attend to the international (former Prime Minister Necmeddin) Erbakan Symposium.

In an interview to Anadolu Agency Al-Shoqfeh also assessed the America-s civil donations to Syria. “We don-t trust in America. America always stipulates, but never keeps its words” he said.

Al-Shoqfeh stressed, if America would keep its words, Syrian conflict would end.

“No deal with al-Asad”

Al-Shoqfeh underlined Muslim Brotherhood would never accept to negotiate with Al-Asad.

“They want the war to go on in Syria, that suits Israel. Western countries, who didn’t wait to intervene in Mali, and let Syria alone, aim to ensure the safety of Israel” said Al-Shoqfeh.

“Syrians need money and weapon”

Al-Shoqfeh assessed the meeting of Friends of Syria in Rome last week, and emphasized that so many words, promised in the meeting, have not been kept.

“They said that they were the friends of Syrians, but never act to help to Syrians” said Al-Shoqfeh.

All countries in the world announced that they are on Syrians’ side; however, they have to act for Syria, said Al-Shoqfeh.

“If each country would donate a million dollar per month, it would make 100 million dollar a month. Syrians just need money and weapons; nothing else” said Al-Shoqfeh.

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