Iran’s ambassador to Azerbaijan: “There is no doubt that Al-Qaeda was created by Americans”

Baku. Malahat Najafova – APA. “Today, no one doubts that Al-Qaeda terrorist group was created by Americans,” said Iran’s ambassador to Azerbaijan Mohsen Pak Ayeen in his interview with APA TV.

The ambassador noted that Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted a year ago that they created Al-Qaeda terrorist group for the sake of their own national interests.

The diplomat underlined that this terrorist group armed by the West devastated Syria: “Unarmed people are suffering from this. We consider that the Syrian conflict should be resolved basing on the people’s will, the dialogue between the opposition and government and without an armed conflict. Unfortunately, some Western countries are trying to destabilize the situation in the Muslim countries. Under the pretext of democracy these countries are trying to contact with the opposition in the Muslim states and organize unrests. Syria was on the forefront in the struggle with Israel. Therefore, Israel’s supporters are trying to disrupt the situation under the pretext of democracy. They came with democratic slogans, but did not accept the results of elections, ignored the voice of the people, armed terrorists and turned their weapons against the people.”

In the end, the ambassador noted that the recent incidents in Syria show that the West does not want to see democracy in Muslim countries.



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