Dialogue with US cannot resolve all disputes: Iran

TEHRAN, Feb 20 (Bernama) — Dispute over certain issues can be resolved through direct talks between Iran and United States, but it is not a right assumption that such negotiations can resolve all the disputes, Iran’s Mehr News Agency (MNA) reported, quoting Iranian ambassador to the United Nations Mohammad Khazaee as saying.

He made the remarks during a recent meeting with correspondents for the Tehran Times and MNA in Tehran when asked if the resolution of certain disputes between Iran and the US can put an end to the dispute between Iran and the West over Tehran’s nuclear programme.

“The nuclear issue is a piece of the puzzle of the existing disputed issues. It is natural that if we, in the area of nuclear issues, can assert our rights based on international and (the International Atomic Energy) Agency regulations and achieve them and other sides realise that they cannot deny us these rights, this will have an effect.

“However, the assumption that it can resolve all issues, this is not the case. This is also not what the US wants. The same applies to relations with other countries.

“Countries with which we have relations or are hostile to. This issue should not be considered simplistically,” Khazaeei said.

Commenting on US proposal for direct talks with Iran, he said: “It should be seen how serious and realistic the remarks about dialogue are. After that, Iran can decide what response it should provide and how it should react.”

By Bernama


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