Mehmanparast: Iran, G5+1 should take identical measures

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said on Tuesday that in the upcoming meeting between Iran and G 5+1 in Kazakhstan the two sides should take identical measures.

Speaking to reporters during his weekly press briefing, he said in the upcoming meeting, the two sides’ delegations would exchange views and there would be no room for speculation to this end.

“Any issue to be raised by certain individuals or media other than those expressed by both sides’ officials will be of no value,” he said.

“Adopting a rational approach will help resolve the issue and resorting to threat and pressure will never bear fruit,” he added.

To resolve the issue, the G5+1 should recognize Iran’s legal right to make use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes while Iran will spare no effort to remove all probable ambiguities and concerns.

Iran and G5+1 are to reach an agreement on the new modality plan in which Iran’s legal rights have been fully observed, he said.

“Iran’s official stands will be made public in the upcoming conference in Kazakhstan,” he stated.

By Al-Manar


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